Joyetech Exceed D19 Overview


In the event it arrived, the Joyetech eGo AIO was widely considered the best starter-degree vaping device available on the market, but which was nearly two years ago. That’s a long time in this particular market, and even though the eGo AIO stays extremely popular, Joyetech determined that it was time for a new and enhanced model of the newbie-undefined pleasant vaporizer. Enter in the Joyetech Exceed D19 starter kit.

Before we obtain to the nitty-gritty of the overview, I only want to emphasize that this is an entry-undefined stage device, mainly created for smokers looking to change to vaping. It’s not stuffed filled with innovative features like the mods I usually evaluation on Vape Ranks, it doesn’t hold the very best battery lifespan, and vapor manufacturing is merely regular, but that does not transform it into terrible merchandise, not at all. It’s simplistic by design and style, to make it more attractive to people who smoke trying to find a fast strike of nicotine, who don’t wish to trouble with configurations, creating coils and all of that. So if that’s the unit you’re looking for, continue reading, or even, you’re probably not gonna be too impressed with the Exceed D19.


A peek at the Items

The Joyetech Surpass D19 arrives in a small rectangular cardboard box, having a published image of the e-cigarette imprinted around the front side, and a summary of contents, organization information and genuineness scratch sticker on the back again.

Within the packaging, we now have the constructed Go beyond D19 put alongside a smaller cardboard box which contains the mini USB asking cable, a spare coil head, an added glass tank, and some o-bands. Also in the kit are consumer manuals for both the D19 tanks and also the battery power, and also a number of decorative stickers, a helpful greeting card on making the container for very first use, and a warranty credit card.


The Go beyond D19 started package is truly a reasonable supplying, and I especially such as the included substitute reservoir, which we don’t often see during these rudimentary packages. If you’ve ever dropped and cracked a glass container, you understand how crucial this accent maybe.

Design and Build High quality

The Joyetech Surpass D19 is exactly the same dimensions because of the well-liked eGo AIO – 118 mm tall and 19 mm in diameter – but, as opposed to its older sibling, it’s not an all in-one-gadget. The reservoir is detachable, which Joyetech statements make it easier to clean up, as well as comes with the benefit of being suitable for other devices, because of the 510 threading.


With this evaluation, I acquired the black color Go beyond D19, but Joyetech also causes it to be available in white, stainless steel, darker orange as well as a dark& white two-tone edition. That last one is the greatest searching of those, for me, having said that I imagine this will depend on individual preference.

The Go beyond is unquestionably not by far the most remarkable vaping product ever developed. It’s comprised of a cylindrical battery showcasing simply a plastic fire option as well as a micro-USB dock, along with a 19 mm reservoir with adjustable airflow. It’s rather simplistic, but that’s what the company hopes can make it popular with smokers searching for a significantly less hazardous substitute.


Just like the eGo AIO, the Joyetech Surpass D19 includes a battery power capacity of 1500 mAh, which not may seem like greatly, however for a product that only fires between 4.2V and 3.7V, depending on how billed the battery is, it’s actually reasonable. Towards the top, the battery functions an LED diamond ring that behaves like a battery life indication. Once the battery power is in between 60undefinedPercent and 100% billed, the red light-weight remains lit, when it’s among 30undefinedPercent and 59undefined% billed, it flashes slowly and gradually, in between 10% and 29undefinedPercent the battery flashes moderately, and between % and 9undefinedPercent, it flashes fast.

The reservoir is among the most remarkable part of this product. It has a 2 ml e-fluid ability, a top-notch filling system which can be achieved by unscrewing the Delrin leading cover, and an interesting airflow ring on the bottom that enables consumers to alter the airflow for MTL (mouth area-to-lung) vaping and direct lung vaping.


The tank only has airflow on one side, however, it has two types of slot machines to select from. You will find a traditional cyclops slot for primary-lung vaping, and three tiny slots for MTL vaping. The diamond ring is adjustable, with stoppers on both sides, to help you established the airflow based on your choice. There’s absolutely nothing halting you against utilizing the provided MTL coil using the larger sized airflow slot, or even the .5Ω immediate-lung coil using the more compact slot machines.

Both coils contained in the Go beyond D19 starter kit will not seem too amazing for a person used to severe sub-ohm vaping, but also for a person approaching away tobacco cigarettes, they actually offer a great vaping experience. The MTL coil includes a very slim airflow shaft, which, combined with MTL-type airflow slots on the tank, guarantees a very limited cigarette smoking-like pull, while the .5Ω direct-lung coil is airier but produces much more vapor.


The Joyetech Exceed D19 is not really a varied wattage vaping gadget, but you’ll observe that the coils have advised vaping can vary etched to them. That’s since the reservoir is removable and you can use it with mods that actually permit you to set up the ability production.

Battery Lifespan and Efficiency

The Joyetech Go beyond D19 electric battery features an ability of 1500 mAh. Life of the battery differs about how often you use it, and what mode you happen to be making use of it in. Like previous Joyetech entry-undefined level vaporizers, the Surpass D19 functions two settings – direct production and continual voltage. You can move between them by extended-undefined pressing the ability option once the battery power is switched off. A white-colored Directed ring represents direct productivity, and orange light, constant voltage.


In “direct output”, the battery discharges its real voltage, starting at 4.2V when fully charged, all the way down to under 3.7V. Because of this, you will notice a constant decrease in vapor creation up until the battery power dies.

In “constant voltage”, the battery maintains a continuous voltage all the time. Vapor manufacturing will remain the same up until the battery power suddenly dies.


Clearly, constant voltage sounds like the best choice, however, you may notice that the battery doesn’t very last as long as indirect productivity mode.

I actually have mainly been using the Joyetech Exceed in constant voltage function, and I’ve been obtaining about 7 hrs of usage out of it. Nevertheless, I am a huge vaper, so newbies and casual customers will probably get a little bit more vaping time out of it.


In terms of overall performance, the Joyetech Go beyond D19 is really very remarkable for any beginner-undefined level gadget, providing reasonable clouds of vapor in primary lung function, and excellent flavor in MTL function. It reminds me of a lot of the old eGo AIO but adding that two-function airflow program on the tank can make it a little bit better.

I’ve had no difficulties with the product within the 2 weeks that I’ve been testing it for. There’s hardly any hold off in battery activation when pressing the flame switch, and I’ve skilled no leaking with the reservoir. The only real downside is you need to vape all the fruit juice so that you can eliminate the coil, otherwise, you’ll leak each of the juice inside.



The Joyetech Go beyond D19 is a worthwhile successor towards the throne kept for so long by the well-known eGo AIO. It has all the features that created the AIO the master of access-undefined level vaping gadgets and surpasses it in versatility. The revolutionary airflow program on the D19 container enables you to tweak both MTL and immediate lung function to perfection, and the reality that it is a removable device indicates that you can use the tank using a greater power device if you so desire.

The Joyetech eGo AIO was always my first suggestion to smokers wanting to give vaping a shot, however, the new Surpass D19 just may seem like a better gadget. Along with a price of just $19.00, it’s likely to be tough for the competitors to overcome it.

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Joyetech penguin suit measurements

Packaging appearance image is simple and honest cute penguins. We can see the style of the suit.
joyetech atopack penguin
The kit contains ATOPACK atomizer, 0.6 Ω atomizing core, 0.25 Ω atomizing core, drip nozzle cover, smoke bombs silicone cover, USB charging line, manual, warranty cards, warning card.

Penguin box mod size: 52 MM * 26.5 MM * 102.5 MM, weight: 140 grams, built-in battery capacity: 2000 ma. Two materials PETG and silicone are adopted in oil tank. The box mod adopted zinc alloy material, so the weight was also greatly reduced. It looks round abe affluent.
joyetech atopack penguin
The ignition key is a coin size. Ignition key reaction is ringing. Below the ignition key are five small white lights, which is used to observe electricity. Under that is the USB charging interface.

Two pieces of metal electrode at the bottom of the oil tank directly connect to atomization core. The base use gold plating getting better connected to the electrode. On the back, the metal card buckles better connected to the smoke bomb will not fall off easily.
joyetech atopack penguin
Drops of the mouth is comfortable. On the side we can see smoke oil capacity is 8.8 ML. When you take it out, there is no need to add oil. Very convenient!
On the other side can also indicate their smoke of oil and composition (write) by yourself.

Penguin is equipped with two paragraphs, 0.6 Ω and 0.25 Ω atomizing core, taking the big smoke route, and atomizing core design is very unique. The advantage is that directly the condensate go back into the atomization for secondary atomization. You don’t have to worry about too much leakage.

Penguin has a clear positioning: convenient to carry, very suitable for beginners who do not have to understand all kinds of complicated data!
The host offers a variety of colors. If you have interests, you can look for it on urvapin.

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Joyetech product “ATOPACK PENGUIN PENGUIN” review

Currently on the market, there are a lot of “fool” type operation for tobacco products, but most of them are with “for smoke” as the positioning without a brilliant design in appearance. Today we will share a suit from Joyetech, a completely zero-base operation electronic cigarette products, penguin. Its appearance is on a high level.
joyetech atopack penguin
Begin with appearance, since this product shows in shenzhen in April, it scored friends favor. The shelves of Joyetech is full of friends to see the penguin’s beauty. Penguin appearance is special, with zinc alloy shell, portable and practical. Five colors are available.

Oil tank use PETG material woth high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Molding technology is adopted on oil tank. There is no oil leakage. Oil tank capacity of penguins is as high as 8.8 ml, battery capacity is 2000 mah, and I tried one day, regardless of the lung or pump absorption no additional fuel and charge are needed, which is very convenient.
joyetech atopack penguin
It is worth mentioning the penguin atomization core, with two core, a 0.25 for lung big tobacco smoke and a 0.6 for suction. Designers cleverly placed vertical BVC coil horizontally, completely eliminate the phenomenon of frying oil. Pure ceramic material atomizing core, don’t need too much power to meet the demand of the big smoke, gather more heat, effectively improve the degree of atomization, taste better. But it is important to note that the core feed speed is not fast. New core wetting time is not less than 15 minutes before using, better be to more than 20 minutes, suction after adding fluid, then let it stand.

Electronic cigarettes users all know that general box has the process of ignition delay, but so far the penguin is the fastest in ignition in Joyetech products. You almost can’t feel the ignition delay. The user can directly feel the reduction degree of smoke oil and smoke explosion.
joyetech atopack penguin
Continuous suction will slow the oil absorption speed. Too high VG oil (such as more than 70 VG) is not suitabl. Otherwise the atomization core is easy to reduce the service life of the core.

The penguin is a simple and reliable device to get started. If you still hesitate to choose what kind of equipment, might as well try the penguin.

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