Artery Pal Stick Review,

The Artery Pal Stick is up for review these days, a small tiny vape pen type for limited VG DL vaping and Nic-sodium MTL, having a special pod type tank design and style and Artery’s HP cores.

I do believe it’s safe to say that the brand specializes in lightweight, extremely mobile devices, with prior products just like the Pal AIO as well as the PAL 2 Aio set, that had been small little rectangular budget vapes and also the slightly more mature Artery Nugget, a mini package mod which I quite appreciated.

Battery module

The Artery Pal Stick seems like an All-in-one pen but, should you tug in the mouthpiece you will see that it’s attached to a pod design reservoir unit. This drops into the hollow higher than the electric battery and remains set up by the push of any very strong magnet.

The battery unit is definitely a basic, filter cylinder, crafted from light-weight aluminum alloy, using a metallic finish off that’s scuff and fingerprint resisted, in a matte-metallic color of your choice.

The lower pen has a mini-USB port for charging you.

The base of the tube features a little Artery logo on one side, horizontally printed. Over that logo but on both sides the tube, are two golfing-team head (for the absence of a much better description) shaped segments which can be finished with a diamond design hold texturing.

Halfway the complete length of the device is a small, dark plastic material, precious stone shaped button using a tiny pinprick indentation each side of it and a little LED shining via an opening in their bottom part one half.

5 mouse clicks switch off and on, with 3 clicks to modify voltage production.


Previously mentioned which can be two slot openings, one each side which could be incorrectly recognized for micro USB ports as they are precisely the same size and shape. In actual fact, these are the external airflow slots.

Whilst airflow will not be adaptable from the outside, the airflow may be altered by eliminating the reservoir unit, which includes the adaptable airflow at the bottom.

Stretching in the hose from the area between those two slot machines, two golfing-team like styles much like those grippy types but upside down.

Instead of getting grippy, the styles at the top are actually viewing home windows, to help you view your juice levels. The home windows are decoratively framed inside a contrasting color finish.

Pod Unit and Mouthpiece

Above this electric battery portion, a tinted plastic mouthpiece rises up within a dome and finishes in a slim Mouth to Lung (MTL) warm and friendly drip idea that is curved and comfy.

One right tug about this mouthpiece will break the magnetic seal off and lift the whole pod-like tank area.

The container is definitely divided so that the HP core could be substituted.

In the bottom in the reservoir is a small airflow diamond ring, which may be twisted to adjust the airflow.

Leading Fill

One minor clockwise twist of the mouthpiece, although gripping the tank with the watching-window opportunities or immediately, will eliminate the mouthpiece and disclose the large, twin filling ports.

I must say, by using the durability and VP of such tiny cores, they may be worthy of their HP name. This pen-type vape is compact and portable, with good flavor and great vapor creation, as well as strong battery lifespan and a durable finish off.


Size: 18 x 119mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063
Battery: 750mAh
Capacity: 1.6ml
Voltage: 3.5V/ 3.3V/ 3.0V


1 x PAL Stick Kit
1 x Extra Coil
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
2 x O-Rings
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Certification Card

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