How About the SMOANT BATTLESTAR Baby Pod KIT, The Best Vape?

Once I get Battlestar Baby. Honestly, “it is going to be an alternative choice to the Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit.” That’s how I really felt when I first noticed this Smoant Battlestar Baby Pod kit. Let’s see!


The colour solar panels on this set are specially designed to get identical to the Smoant Pasito Pod package. Compared to standard plastics, this specific technological substance makes colors and designs much brighter and more stunning. Sections, however, will be really tough for daily use.


Due to the special development materials, the complete electric battery is lightweight and mobile. The inner battery power has a capability of 750mAh and an optimum output of 15 watts. You can charge it via the Universal serial bus-C slot at the bottom. Considering that the asking power supply is just 5V / .8A, it takes approximately 60 minutes to completely charge. The indicator on the remaining informs you concerning your current battery life within a different color. In the battery, the Outfitted ANT Clever chipset guarantees a stable production voltage, causing solid efficiency each and every time. Universal serial bus-C charging wires can also be specially engineered to use them as lanyards or cable connections if needed!

The Container

The coil head is replaceable. As a result of the shape of the container, the alternative coil is slightly different from one other coils in the Smoant accessory, which means that it is far from suitable for other Smoant substitute coils. The package deal contains two coils. .6ohm mesh coil and 1.2ohm ordinary coil.The organic cotton twisted inside gives off a pure taste. The compartment includes a capacity of 2. ml and you can fill it through the port around the remaining.



Battery: Built-in 750mAh

Material: Zinc Alloy & Aluminum Alloy

Weight: 55g

Voltage Output: 3.2V-4.2V

Charge Voltage: 5V/0.5A

Quiescent Current: <15uA

Capacity: 1ml

Resistance: 1.8Ω

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Best Mod?Dovpo Topside Twin Squonk Mod Review

Offering 200 watts of straight strength, complete heat control package, TCR abilities and much more, the Topside Dual is approximately as sophisticated as squonk mods be in 2019. As mentioned previously, the mod features a laser-precise YiHi chipset which may not be AS feature-loaded as the DNA Colour potato chips available, but it’s a close race. And in my view, the YiHi actually noses ahead as a result of no-nonsense functions that by no means get bogged down in uncomfortable food selection trees or complicated feedback sequences.

As soon as I chose a number of RDAs to use for screening, I was floored by how easily the Topside Dual got to function. There was very little priming or prep required. Just wick, enjoy and fill up, as it ought to be. No matter what BF atomizer I had been using, fruit juice stream was smooth and constant – no random gushes or overfills here. If anything, the slightly inflexible container aided ensure aggressive squeezers don’t flood their decks unintentionally.

Speaking of “feel” – the 3 switch set-up is just about flawless. The fireplace important and each procedure buttons use a strong, reassuring simply click that registers with each click. Some might find the gentle noises annoying, but it only instilled a lot more self-confidence in how well the Topside Dual is made.

Utilizing twin 18650 tissues, the mod offers TRUE 200-watt production. Despite the fact that battery lifespan struggles somewhat at increased wattages, the Topside Dual never ever stutters whilst scaling the ladder. Besides, no one is investing in a dual-18650 squonker anticipating stellar life of the battery, but typically the Dual hangs in there with similar gadgets, supplying roughly 4-5 hours of overall performance with moderate use. Regrettably, the USB charging you is way too sluggish to use effectively as needed, so have spares handy.

Finally, I’ve observed some testimonials, both for the Dual Carbon and authentic Topside Dual, exactly where authors lamented inadequate temp management efficiency. I did not practical experience anything at all wonky or out of the ordinary in this article. Although it wasn’t QUITE ideal, the YiHi chipset enabled for an array of customizations, and once locked in, never really jumped or stuttered.

So far as we’re concerned, if you’re a TC vaper looking for a high-temp, substantial-energy squonk mod, you can get with assurance.


Brand: Dovpo

Size: 54*42*88.5mm

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber, Zinc Alloy, and Stainless Steel

Battery: 2 x 18650 High-Drain Batteries

Chip: YiHi Chip

Power Range: 5.0W-200W

Temperature: 100-300℃/212-527℃

Joule Range: 10.0J-120.0J

Display: 0.96″ TFT Color Screen

Input Voltage: 6.4V-8.4V

Output Voltage: 0.8V-8.0V

Resistance: 0.1ohm-3.5ohm

Charging: MicroUSB 5V/2A

Gole-plated spring-loaded 510 pin

Silicone bottles with a capacity of 10ml

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Augvape Intake RTA Review

The Intake RTA is really an individual coil using a distinctive airflow that for once is actually unique as we’ll see afterward.

It’s a crowded individual coil RTA market available with many amazing tanks fighting for a leading area including the AvidVape Ghost Inhale and also the Vapefly Horus capturing our reviewer’s eyes.


As the name might suggest the true secret function here is the airflow.

Everything you have is two hollow tubes that ‘intakes’ air through the leading and channels it to the base of the reservoir before bouncing back slamming to the coils on its way up.

The design can make this basically leak proof – more on that soon – and really should get rid of the dip in flavorsome top airflow RTAs can have – more on flavour later too.

There are two Cyclops type airflow ports which are extremely small and slim indeed – so a free airy vape will not be something you’ll expect from this one indeed as I’ll show later it’s very restricted.

Okay, from the container this has a 2.5ml e-fluid capability but this is often switched out making use of the 4.2ml bubble window.

Satisfying is as simple as unscrewing the best cover to reveal two smallish renal formed fill ports.

Regardless of being a relatively small if a tiny crowded deck you ought to have no concerns creating offered both post openings are open up at the side making coil positioning a doddle.

The RTA also includes x2 810 drip ideas – an extremely low account light blue one and a chunkier black color one and a 510 adaptor.

Do keep in mind the bore from the top cover is extremely narrow therefore the size of the drip tip is going to make small if any difference apart from private comfort and ease.

Design and Build Quality

It’s reasonable to express Augvape make good-looking vape items – especially their mods including the V200 and that gorgeous Templar RDA.

The Consumption is maybe not as aesthetically pleasing as some RTAs on the market – indeed using the bubble glass onto it does look at tiny clunky – especially with that big knurling on the top cap.

Another style function I don’t particularly like is the uncovered golden deck peeping through the bottom of the tank nor do I feel the tone of light blue in the incorporated drip suggestion is a particularly good color nor does it complement the dark edition I received.

However, as you might expect from Augvape those personal niggles aside the build quality is once again first-rate.

Whilst the threads similar to most RTAs out of the package are a little small they soon loosen up and although not silky these are well machined.

The Augvape Consumption RTA is put together very well indeed with great machining with top quality supplies.

How Does the Augvape Intake RTA Perform?

As I’ve mentioned previously creating on this is a doddle with those open-sided publish slots which makes it an absolute breeze to build on.

There’s not a lot of space inside and that I found obtaining the coil as close the airflow intake as is possible gave me the best flavour – and that I indicate as close as possible without touching the deck!

However and despite this being similar to a Genesis design deck the wicking can be a little difficult.

Being this kind of tiny deck signifies you’ll be utilizing more compact coils and my first couple of develops making use of a lot of natural cottons gave me a bad flavor and a few dry strikes.

The wicking openings are tiny therefore i was able to pack the coil and feather out your legs offering them room to swell once juiced up without choking them as it were.

It may consider several goes but once you receive it correct it might be second nature.

Satisfying is simple also with an easy little bit of pressure at the top cover before a half perspective anti-clockwise starts it up – similar to a bayonet fitting.

Flavour and Clouds From the Intake RTA

We have had x3 builds inside and found a 2.5mm Clapton coil around .3ohm gave me the best vape and that I wicked with FUZZ which I locate extremely simple to slim out to fit those very small wicking ports.

At about 51 to 53w the vape was cozy – cloudy and also the flavour was excellent – not get noticed however the far better side of good.

I’m guessing the good flavour originates from the way the air has become channeled from top to bottom as well as the tight bore from the best cover.

Speaking of restricted it is a limited direct to lung draw [DTL] even with the environment flow manage large open.

Individually I prefer a slightly looser draw however I soon got utilized to it but bare that in your mind if you choose to buy it.

Cloud manufacturing will obviously be down to your build/100 % cotton and e-juice – however employing an 80/20 PG/VG combine the clouds although not spectacular had been very good indeed – but for me, this has been intended for flavor and although not incredible the flavour user profile is on the level.

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