Ehpro Kelpie RTA Overview

The Ehpro Kelpie RTA is really a single coil tank along with a joint undertaking between the award-winning UK centered vape reviewer Victor Mullins aka Vaping With Vic and well-liked vaping company EHPRO.

Crucial Characteristics The Ehpro Kelpie is a 25mm single coil RTA designed by Ecigclick Vape Prize-winning reviewer Victor Mullins aka Vaping With Vic and is also his very first project.

It comes with a half tube honeycomb airflow though with a bit of a style. You can find 30 holes with those directly under the coil fed up slightly more compact. The others surround the coil and appear to be drilled in slightly diverse angles…nice contact.

The smart deck style signifies no matter which way your coil thighs and legs have already been covered they are going to easily fit into easily – either discussing one side or splitting them.

The Kelpie RTA features a bottom airflow design that initially perceptions implies the size of it means this will probably be an airy reservoir – concerning if that’s the truth I’ll tackle later.

The chamber is domed and offered it is a relatively small RTA this means the coil is closer to the mouth advising this can be an extremely flavorsome vape indeed…as to if that’s the truth we shall see soon.

Style and Build High quality

EHPRO generally make decent tanks as well as the machining in the Kelpie is the first price with virtually no screeching even directly out from the package – those threads are smooth.

Exactly the same can be stated for that airflow management. I actually have identified very many smaller sized RTAs with the base nourished atmosphere are difficult to adjust although on the mod. No concerns whatsoever using the Kelpie because the ample yet modest knurling provides a great hold – excellent stress also.

A cause for worry on a few of the initial batch has become the looseness in the slipping best fill.

Sad to express mine is looser than a wizard’s sleeve. Although I actually have used this out and about I’ve up to now had no leakages but do find myself constantly looking at for any humid patch inside my pocket…ooer, missus…I speculate it’s merely the good fortune from the draw in this first batch as some are loose whilst others are restricted and do snap shut using a satisfying simply click.

How’s the Flavour and Clouds From the Ehpro Kelpie RTA

A combination of very ingenious airflow as well as a decreased domed barrel indicates the flavor off the Kelpie RTA is phenomenal even at much lower temperatures. Making use of the provided coil I’m acquiring .22ohms and operating it at merely 45w and trust me that flavor is zinging off my preference buds with remarkable vaper to match! I pushed it to 55w and felt a noted rise in both flavor and clouds – however previous that on my own creation and I could truly feel it absolutely was too much.

We have popped in the last of my Wotofo Quad Core Fused Clapton’s which came out slightly lower at .18ohms and vaped steadily at 60w. Again the vape warmed on top of awesome flavor and incredible clouds. Pressed to 70w once again I experienced points although nowhere near warm had been just a little around the benefit as it were. So, and according to your development, this tiny man does very well indeed in the middle of the-array wattage.

Parameters of Ehpro Kelpie RTA

Size: 25 x 40mm

Capacity: 2ml (a 3.5ml bubble glass tube included)

Material: Stainless Steel/Glass

Thread: 510 thread

Package Included of Ehpro Kelpie RTA

1x Ehpro Kelpie RTA 2ml

2x Pre-made Coils

1x 3.5ml Glass Tube

3x O-rings

1x Screwdriver

4x Philips Head Screws

1x Cotton

1x User Manual

1x Warranty Card

1x Certification Card

This has been just about the most eagerly expected vape releases of the year and I think you are able to inform the wait continues to be worth it!

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How About The Ehpro Correct MTL RTA? Tank Review

I acquired the Ehpro Ture MTL RTA in the Stainless-steel model.

It really is sparkly and exquisite and topped using a spectacular frosted drip suggestion. I did use a standard 510 drip idea in plus it installed perfectly however there is a slightly raised flange on the top of the tank that is obvious below the drip tip so it might not exactly appearance quite proper with many drip ideas.

The deck and the top use a machined design which attracts the sunshine magnificently.

The top cover changes to expose the satisfying slots and changes to close them off once more.

Unscrewing the deck from the leading area is peasy and the threads have a real top quality really feel.

The machining and high quality with this small container are incredible.

The chimney provides the “True” emblem etched in however it appears classy and not at all garish.

The lower tank demonstrates the Ehpro and Naturevape branding and the needed legitimate images.

You have a lovely package of goodies which includes 2x1ohm Ni80 Clapton coils, O-wedding rings, Cotton, Screwdriver, Extra glass and plenty of guidelines.

Here is the reservoir using the Bubble window set up which had been my preference.

Clearly, because this is a rebuildable reservoir you will have to use a coil and wicking substance which we tell you about below.

Besides that, all that you should do is always to spin the airflow engagement ring around the container bottom to open up or close the airflow while you prefer.


  • Size: 22×41.5mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Glass, Acrylic
  • Twist top fill
  • Single coil deck


  • Beautiful looking RTA
  • Abundance of flavor
  • Perfect airflow settings
  • Lovely quality workmanship
  • Excellent kit contents
  • Surprisingly easy to build
  • Bubble glass option is excellent
  • Easy to fill
  • No leaks, spitting or dry hits


  • The flange on the top cap might look odd with some drip tip styles. Personally, I think the one it comes with is perfect!
  • The deck is tiny – not for those with sausage fingers!
  • Some might find the airflow too restricted – I liked it in the maximum airflow setting – this is comparable to a medium setting on the Siren V2.

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Dovpo Blotto RTA review – Blog

The Blotto RTA was developed by Dovpo and Sam Parsons through the Vaping Bogan youtube funnel. It’s an atomizer that may make huge clouds but does not compromise flavor. The excellent power of Dovpo Blotto RTA is the fact that it can be used in Individual and Increase Coils. This offers excellent flexibility for all types of vapers.

Numerous RTAs, such as the Zeus X, jump into the increase coils bathtub and also the brands often forget that followers from the big clouds certainly are a minority by the vapers. Generally speaking, many will vape between 30 and 50 watts which is actually a perfect range for that Single Coil. Then, if we want to rise a bit, then we are able to use the same atomizer to check. The deck of Dovpo Blotto RTA is just superb. Broad enough to place some amazing coils and fluid arrivals are constant. This can enable him to express himself fully even to big powers. Then we have the Airflow. The Airflow of Dovpo Blotto RTA is set at over 242 levels. You might have 2 rows of tiny slots to alter your vape very accurately. Dovpo says the flavors of Blotto RTA are comparable to that relating to a Dripper. Uh, we’re don’t go that far with this particular promise.

Considering that the atomization chamber continues to be considerable. So, the airflow will stay continuous, however, the flavors are simply exceptional. Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of MTL, it often gives me an abnormal vape, specifically on very custard drinks. The capability of Dovpo Blotto RTA is 2 ml with a straight pyrex and 6 ml having a pyrex in bubble ultem. We stay constant based on the deck. In case you are Solitary coil, you can settle for 2 ml and 6 ml if you make the large cloud which consumes obviously much more liquids. On numerous criteria, the Blotto RTA ticks the correct bins. An Airflow is deserving of the name. A very versatile deck, excellent ability if you appreciate the pyrex bubble. Dovpo has launched great products this coming year. The Topside BF which is among the very best available on the market. The manufacturer has also introduced the Dovpo MVV II, a semi-controlled mod.

Having Said That I feel it’s the initial RTA of the brand. At one time, the manufacturer got released Drippers just like the Bushido V2 as well as the LQT. And for his arrival in the RTAs, we can say that Dovpo strikes hard… at least on paper. The cost of Dovpo Blotto RTA varies from 30 to 40 dollars and this is extremely satisfactory due to the indisputable high quality of this atomizer. Little benefit, in the accessories, offered, we have now an e-liquid container opener. Everybody knows these damn bottles are definitely smaller than Fort Knox. So, we have a kind of decapsulator offered by Dovpo, in shape of ahead, which will wide open your bottles quite simple and it could also be employed to for coil cutting device. The Dovpo Blotto RTA is clearly within my Desire Listing which is starting to increase …

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Glu S3 TC Pod System Kit Test

The Glu S3 TC Pod System Kit is a new pod method set for novices. The Glu S3 is actually a very small pod program e-cig having a 2ml magnetic refillable tank, Little physique has a huge and powerful 650mAh battery power. You will find three temperatures settings inside the system. It is extremely convenient to operate in a unique way. a consumer can easily alter the temperatures setting by effortless shaking the product twice, which will make the device more fashion and specialized. Besides, it is possible to operate that the Glu S3 was applied pull-stimulated without any switches. Plug the dry smoke cigarettes safety, it allows to provide you real vapor without any burned taste. Additionally, the 1.0ohm coil is compatible with nic salts fruit juice and MTL vape.

Technical Data:
Size: 30.5 x 13.4 x 85.6mm
Capacity: 2ml
Battery: Built-in 650mAh
Coil: 1.0ohm
Temperature: Adjustable 220℃/240℃/260℃
Charging Current: 1A
Standby Current: <10μA
Material: Zinc Alloy Mod+Eastman Pod
Full Charge Stay: 400puffs
Full Tank Puffs: 200puffs

Package Includes:
1× Glu S3 Device
1× Glu S3 Pod
1× USB Cable
1× User Manual

Portable pod system with a slim size
Powerful power—650mAh battery capacity
Easy to operate—just shake to switch mode
1.0ohm coil for nic salts juice and MTL vape
Multiple temperature adjustment.

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Augvape Merlin Nano RTA Review – Blog

Augvape may have steadily upped its vape game and it’s uncommon to discover a bad item originating from them. So What Can We Anticipate From the Merlin Nano RTA by Augvape? Straight from the bat, the clue is in the name – this can be a small tiny container, to say the least at just 18mm and 22mm with all the elegance ring.

Becoming so small and including a type of easily-removed dome covering the deck means hopefully the flavor is going to be concentrated within the chamber and therefore be exceptionally good – we shall see.

The set comes along with x3 tiny airflow inserts which means you can customize the tightness of your vape so when to how this job we should, needless to say, be taking a look at.

There’s a great deal going on for this kind of small tank, to say the least!

Okay, this is delivered to me free of charge primary from Augvape – thank you – so that as always free stuff don’t influence my thoughts and thoughts.

Important Functions The word Nano the following is definitely important – this is small! It’s an 18mm container but they have included a 22mm ‘beauty ring’ which whilst lengthening the tank somewhat does make it sit down prettier on smaller mods.

There’s no airflow management diamond ring – as an alternative, the air is drawn in using a little gap, around and between the key reservoir and bottom. To control the quantity of airflow getting in you select from three airflow inserts – 1mm – 1.2mm and a double 1mm airflow place making it 2mm.

merlin nano rta It’s a twin article solitary coil deck and this, in turn, is covered by what looks like a Delrin cover in the form of a beehive with two small fruit juice ports on each side –more with this later on.

Filling up is a touch shall we say fiddly that you need to change the tank upside down – take away the base and fill up straight into the window or plastic chamber – fiddly yes but effortless enough.

filling up augvape merlin nano rta Regarding the window, nicely that’s a 2ml capacity and if you would like much more [3.5ml] you’ll have to add the PCTG [poly carbonate] bubble glass.

Nonetheless, unless you want to look ridiculous [see picture lmao] then I’d stick to the right window! What in the world is the fact design information on lol!

Both provided coils certainly are a definite 1.0ohm mouth to the lung [MTL] as well as a .6ohm which suggests the potential of an exceptionally restricted primarily to the lung [DTL] pull – concerning if that’s the truth we’ll touch on shortly.

Read more concerning the distinctions between Oral cavity to Lung and Primary to Lung vaping.

Style and Build High quality Virtually all the Augvape items I’ve evaluated have gotten good to very good materials and build high quality and also the Merlin Nano is no various – nicely kind of!

The threads in the foundation to the main tank are in occasions reluctant to line up which operates the particular real potential for cross-threading.

Right after almost three weeks use while I haven’t was able to screw them up yet I’ve arrived very shut – so take your time and back up often! When in series and screwed in they may be smooth without crunchiness – it merely needs some treatment!

Design and style-smart it’s smooth and whilst a little bit longer using that 22mm elegance diamond ring on it is situated nicely on your own mod and then in my black version, the Merlin Nano logo design is subdued and definitely not within your encounter.

The deck screws are chunky Phillips style and definitely appear to be they’re designed to final, whilst the tiny small airflow inserts [7mm by 4mm] have an O ring in the base to help put them in and out in the deck – it’s fiddly and extremely small inside to say the least, nonetheless as soon as popped in they are pretty secure.

Therefore it looks good – in straight glass function – and all the shifting elements kind of suit together nicely – just how does the Augvape Merlin Nano RTA vape?

So How Exactly Does the Augvape Merlin Nano RTA Perform? Alright, first up we’ll check out the create deck.

Airflow Inserts It’s a little fiddly getting them in and out the first instances but once you’re satisfied with the one you’re utilizing they be in spot thanks to the very small tiny O ring.

1mm Place Far much too restricted for me personally! If you like the experience of sucking until you’re red-colored in the face as well as your cheeks meet in the middle – here is the environment for you personally!

I.2mm Place, To tell the truth, I really couldn’t tell the difference between this and the 1mm – impossibly restricted for my kind of MTL vaping and right after one half a dozen puffs off both I bought a bit lighting-headed!

If you like a good and that i imply a really restricted attract those two are for you personally!

2mm Place One of the better MTL pulls I’ve ever had – absolutely best and on a level of 1 to 10 with 10 becoming very tight, this really is about a 6.5 to 7.

You don’t need to work also hard to get a mouthful of vapor and using Manabush Nokomis, 12mg 50/50 VG/PG mix I got a beautiful throat success too.

Developing on the Augvape Merlin Nano RTA Notice: You need to change the airflow inserts Prior to deciding to put the coil!

That you can speculate it’s pretty restricted inside – however, the deck is fairly open which means you have extra space than you think. The screws are solid and slotting the coil thighs in is actually a cinch with the top of the screws biting in and extremely clamping down properly.

I discovered the coil placement was crucial as well. If you get it too much the very best deal with can come into contact and although I didn’t obtain a short, it certainly messed up the natural cotton and build. Too low and also the flavor dipped considerably. I discovered the top of the coils peeping over the screws by in regards to a third was placed on.

A quick term with that leading cap too. It simply is located on top of the deck as opposed to screwing in. And so far as I could see there’s no manual regarding in which you put the two liquid ports. I lined mine up on the tails of the 100 % cotton which I imagine is pretty obvious when you consider it!

In terms of wicking, you don’t need a lot in any way. I came across a thin sliver of Muji vape natural cotton proved helpful nicely and mine was well raked out and reduce just above the deck – yet again significantly less is a lot more.

merlin nano wicking 1.ohm Coil Mine actually study as 1.1ohm and that i vaped in a constant 18.5w making use of the 2mm airflow insert.

The vape was on the cooler side of comfortable nevertheless the flavor was amazing.

Yeah, I said it…incredible!

Amazing is actually all I could say and despite this kind of reduced wattage along with a 50/50 mix the vapor coming off this tiny point was remarkable as well!

augvape mtl coils .6ohm Coil And this one study as .69ohms yet still making use of the 2mm airflow insert I began at 21w.

The vape was actually a little bit hotter, however, not by significantly and as soon as again the flavor popped, to say the least.

Vapour was great and incredibly packed making use of the 80/20PG/VG Type Liquid and it also wicked such as an allure.

I used to be indeed able to get a rather constrained direct to lung success and bumped as much as the sub-ohm 30W energy point the vape warmed up a reasonable little bit and also the flavor got much better.

I did really feel after chain vaping issues were getting a little to warm with the feasible threat of a burn and discovered a really satisfied method at 27w.

BTW, you can find out more about the differences in PG and VG vape juice mixes in this article.

Extension Glass/Plastic-type Excellent Lord above that’s a terrible design and style! What on earth were they considering lmao!

With this extension plastic bubble on the top, it appears such as a basketball trophy or the BT Tower inside London!

Not just is it a bit of an eyesore, it makes the tank a little best-weighty and to be honest – and this could just be a mind thing – the flavor isn’t so great.

In addition provided it’s polycarbonate, utilizing acidic e-liquids might see it split with time. I’ve been using the very last of my Type Liquid array and so far the container hasn’t damaged, nonetheless, practical experience tells me sharper fruitier flavors will result in a split. Even though PCTG does possess a great chemical substance resistance, unlike some earlier plastic material tanks which were released.

A window would have been a better option though in all honesty given the tanks smooth design and style any shape of a bubble would just look daft.

Like most MTL RTAs on the market, 2ml ability is ample and I’ve received a minimum of one half each day away from each load.

I do believe we might have just discovered one of the better MTL RTA lets out of the year and in case this doesn’t earn awards then there’s no justice hehe.

Basically, the flavor off the coils is outstanding with vapor to match.

I’ve thrown both drippy and thick e-liquids around this tiny cutie along with it is wicked just like a champ even chain vaping like a loon.

I’d like to say this is definitely one for newbies to MTL RTAs, however, offered all of the moving components – the inserts and that beehive cap, I’d say maybe!

Popping in the coils and wicking is unquestionably simple – lifeless effortless, however, it might be somewhat a lot for anyone refreshing out from the gates. Proclaiming that few are as useless at creating as me so go for it 😉

Better Than A Kayfun? I’ve seen lots of people within the know declaring this stares along with the hugely well-known Kayfun number of high-end tanks. Having tried out among those a significant while ago now, I can’t comment.

But what I can tell is that’s enormous enhance to what exactly is a surprisingly inexpensive container.

In terms of I’m worried Augvape has produced a superb small RTA with a bunch of functions you can tinker with to locate your ideal vape. The Merlin Nano is certainly used greater than the fantastic 3Cvape Savour RTA as my go-to MTL reservoir which says all of it.

The only real reason I’ve marked that one down somewhat is that silly extension container and the trouble in coating up those threads – flavor sensible it certainly matches the Savour and then some.

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