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When comparing sister companies Joyetech and Wismec based on their lineup of mods, one might assume that the latter focuses on high powered mods while the Joyetech caters to the more casual vaper. The all-new Joyetech Espion kit is here to break those preconceptions with it’s powerful dual 18650 powered chipset capable of firing up to 200 watts.  Now featuring a 1.45 inch TFT color display, the Joyetech Espion kit which includes the powerful and versatile ProCore X sub-ohm tank promises to deliver a complete vaping experience regardless of the end user being a complete beginner or a vaping master.

Review: Joyetech Espion Kit with ProCore X

Joyetech Espion Review

Manufacturing Quality

One look at the Joyetech Espion mod and it’s easy to tell that the device is an “all work, no play” kind of mod. The slightly ribbed exterior lends extra tactility when holding the device, making its hefty chassis less prone to slipping out of even the most slippery or clumsiest of fingers.

The zinc alloy construction feels wonderfully solid when held in hand creating a very premium feel which directly contrasts the no-nonsense aesthetic of the mod.

The top of the Joyetech holds probably one of its best features: A centered stainless steel gold plated spring loaded 510 connection. In addition, the 510 connection is also press-fitted from inside the mod.

So not only does the 510 connection allow for a wide variety of atomizers to be used in conjunction with the kit, you can be assured that the connection made between the Joyetech Espion and any atomizer that you end up using will work together flawlessly without any issues at all.

The front of the device houses the 1.45 inch TFT color display. While the screen manages to output a decent amount of color and resolution which makes legibility a non-issue, it would’ve been preferable if Joyetech opted for an OLED display instead, considering that the Espion can be considered one of their flagship devices based on performance alone.

Joyetech Espion available colors

Nevertheless, the screen is easy to read and brightness even in an outdoor scenario doesn’t impose any issues on its overall legibility.

The Joyetech Espion uses a total of 4 buttons to access all the features on the device. The firing button is large and ergonomically shaped for easy finger or thumb placement. A nice tactile click can be felt on every press, eliminating the dreaded mushy feel when firing the mod which is something often experienced with lower quality kits.

Aside from the standard up/down buttons, Joyetech is doing something new with the inclusion of a dedicated menu access button intended to make menu navigation even simpler.

The bottom of the mod houses the trapdoor mechanism which helps the dual 18650 batteries (not included with the kit) firmly in place. Polarity indicators are clearly marked ensuring that you’ll never make the mistake of installing your batteries the wrong way.

Battery ventilation holes are also found in abundance at the bottom of the mod. Luckily, the battery trapdoor is solid and sturdy which is sometimes a rarity by itself, so you’ll never have to worry about the battery door opening up by itself and dropping your poor batteries on the ground.

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Flavor Quality

Thanks to the ProCore X’s wide chamber and a large variety of multiple airflow configurations, flavor and vapor production isn’t limited in any way at all. Flavors come through clean and crisp, bringing out the best in your chosen e-liquid.

The kit comes packaged with a ProC1 0.4-ohm coil which acts primarily as a direct lung coil, and a ProC1-S coil rated at 0.25-ohms which is geared towards mouth to lung vapers.

While it’s good to see Joyetech trying to cover all bases with the inclusion of two types of coil heads to their kit, I can’t help but wonder if there are any users out there who would actually prefer the mouth to lung coils over the direct lung set given the flexible power options of the kit.

Mouth to lung or MTL coils are best suited for smaller, more compact devices with limited wattage outputs. I feel it would’ve been better for Joyetech to have included two direct lung coils in the kit instead.

Power Flexibility

The good news here is that the Joyetech Espion is one of Joyetech’s most versatile devices as of late. Aside from the variable wattage mode which can reach a maximum output of 200 watts.

When it comes to temperature control, you get the full set of options: stainless steel, nickel, and titanium are all easily chosen and configurable from within the onboard menu of the Joyetech Espion (although admittedly there is a slight learning curve when having to navigate the menu).

Adjustable TCR also works splendidly letting the most vape savvy of power users unleash the full potential of their device.

Another strong point in favor of the Joyetech Espion is the large atomizer compatibility it possesses thanks to the centered 510 connection. Anything from 22mm up to 26mm diameter atomizers easily fit on top of the Joyetech Espion without any overhang.

Coupling this with the versatile power options of the mod and the list of possible options is something only left up to your imagination.

Joyetech Espion on the back

Ease of Use

When it comes to standard functions, the Joyetech Espion doesn’t deviate much from the standard fare. 5 clicks turn the mod off, while another 5 clicks turn it off.

The only main difference is that unlike Joyetech’s older devices, the Espion sports a dedicated function button which allows you to cycle between the various vaping modes.

The function button doesn’t give you access to the full range of features though, which is still accessed by clicking the firing button thrice to make more fine adjustments to the settings.

While the interface does take awhile to get used to, its far from difficult and should come naturally over time should you take the time to get familiar with it.

Maintenance of the ProCore X tank is far from complicated. Refilling the tank is easy as it comes thanks to the top fill cap which flips open to reveal the large e-liquid fill holes. Replacing a coil merely involves unscrewing the glass tank from the base to access the installed coil, easily unscrew it and thread in a replacement.


Battery life isn’t much of an issue with the Joyetech Espion as it can last anywhere from 1 full day to 4 full days of vaping depending the power setting you vape on.

Naturally, mouth to lung vapers will see more battery life out of the kit compared to those vaping with the direct lung coils installed.

While far from being the most portable device in the market currently, the Joyetech Espion still manages to hold its own thanks to its lack of wasted space on frivolous aesthetic features as the kit focuses more on function over form.

With overall dimensions measuring out to 43mm in length, 28mm in thickness, and 113mm in height (ProCore X tank included), the entire kit is still easily pocketed or stored in your bag should you choose to take it around.

Joyetech Espion battery slot

Overall Experience

The Joyetech Espion kit has many merits. The centered 510 connection simply makes more sense, great quality coils produce accurate and long-lasting flavor, and the wide breadth of vaping modes and functions make this kit an easy pick for anyone looking into entering the world of high powered devices at a price that won’t break the bank. 

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iKonn 220 – Eleaf

The iKonn 220 is the second mod from Eleaf to come out with this surname. The similarities with the Total iKonn relate only to the name, the two boxes being radically different. The iKonn 220 is an electronic box double battery able to reach the power of 220 W, which has a good finish for a reasonable price. Let’s go to his discovery.

She has all of a great

The first contact is very nice. Its dimensions are really reduced with 44 mm wide for 85.3 mm high and 28 mm thick, the box can be easily transported in a pocket. Possessing a 0.91 inch screen, its integration has had some complications for designers to find the place to put it, it will be difficult to produce smaller for this type of configuration. Aesthetically, six colors are available: five in two-tone and one completely black version.

The colored part surrounds the glass facade that protects the screen, to cover the entire top of the box and have the same similarity in the back. The main material used for its manufacture is aluminum, which ultimately allows it to weigh only 226 g with the two onboard batteries.

The paint is matte in appearance, and has two qualities: it does not retain fingerprints and is rather resistant. After more than a week of use, I do not have the slightest scratch, even on the bottom of the box when we put it, and even more surprising, where the atomizer is screwed up which does not present the less gap with iKonn when in place. Ditto for the screen, not the slightest trace appeared while it is transported without further precautions. This fact is rare enough to be reported, Eleaf gratifies us with an excellent finish with this box.

The Eleaf iKonn 220 in detail

The front is of course the most provided. At the top is three ventilation holes for the chipset, the screen is in the middle with a horizontal display, and below it, the single + / – button and the micro USB jack.

The display of the screen, however, will be the point that annoys because it is very faint. It is already right when the box is used indoors, but becomes very little visible outside. I do not know how Eleaf was able to miss such an important element, but for once, the result is rather disappointing.

On the left side, we find the fire button in the form of a trigger that extends over virtually the entire height of the box, and perfectly aligned with the rest of the box. It is actuable on three quarters of its height and its stroke is very short. The product click is discreet and, like the + / – button, does not have any game. The quality of this button added to the touch of the paint, make its use is close to the perfect, a real success.

The back side does not have much, apart from three other ventilation holes, and instead of the screen, a carbon imitation sticker. The visual effect is nice, but to the touch the surface is completely smooth. A real carbon sheet would have been more classy, ​​but that might have increased the cost.

On the top of the box we can see four small screws for disassembly and at one end, the connector 510 with the positive pin which is brass and spring-loaded. The iKonn 220 will accommodate an atomizer 25 mm in diameter, see 26 mm if the fact that it protrudes slightly on the beveled edge of the top of the box does not bother you.

Below is the hatch to insert the 2 18650 batteries. It is pierced with eight holes for a possible degassing, and its opening is done traditionally by pushing it outwards. The battery locations are identified by a number, which may be useful to check the charge level on the screen, as well as the polarities that are also indicated at the bottom of the box, blue for the negative and red for the positive. The closure is firm and fits perfectly, nothing moves.

Technical Review

Key Features of Eleaf iKonn 220:

  • Height: 85.3 mm
  • Width: 44 mm
  • Thickness: 28 mm
  • Weight: 133.5 g single – 226 g with two 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Material: aluminum
  • Power: from 1 to 220 W
  • Battery : two 18650
  • Rechargeable via micro USB port
  • Update chipset: yes
  • Resistance range: 0.1 to 3.5 ohms in power mode, and 0.05 to 1.5 ohm in TC mode
  • Modes of vape: power, control of temperature in Ni200, Titanium and Stainless, mode TCR with three memories
  • Preheat  : yes
  • Temperature control: from 100 to 315 ° C
  • Screen of 22 mm × 5 mm
  • Connector: pin 510 brass mounted on spring
  • Color: full black, silver / black, greenery / black, blue / black, red / black and gold / red

The box contains:

  • An iKonn box 220
  • USB cable
  • Multilingual manual with part in French
  • A precautionary card of use of the batteries

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A recharge by the box possible

The iKonn 220 is perfectly capable of reloading the batteries safely according to the manufacturer, as it seems to be the case more and more often with the new boxes. This recharge will be, oh joy, fast mode 2A, the firmware incorporating a load balance system to bring the two batteries at the same level. Also note that the supplied cable is certified for safe use with this amperage. For test user lambda that I am with Samsung 30 Q, the charge is done correctly and the batteries are indeed well balanced, but the box still heating significantly. With a traditional charger, always in 2 A, I do not have this level of heating. Given my limited knowledge of the subject, I can not say whether this can be a problem or not,

The chipset

Rather complete, it can be able to vape in power mode, TC and TCR with 3 memories available. The display shows the charge level of each battery, the resistance value, the voltage, the power or the temperature, the output amperage (which is not real-time) or the number of puffs or the time of the last puff (to choose). Regarding the puff counter, and as it is not indicated in the manual, the reset will be done by simultaneously pressing +/- while its display is flashing. Other settings options are stealth mode, display screen inversion, and lock knob lock. Note that in addition to the low brightness of the screen, apart from the power or temperature, the font displayed is really very very small. Presbyopic friends,

It is also possible to have a preheat, but only by entering a heating value and time. I confess not to be a fan of this type of preheat, preferring rather to enter a percentage, because if we change the atomizer and therefore resistance, it is necessary to make the adjustment again.

The iKonn 220 can also charge another device (phone or other box), by purchasing a Reverse Charching to buy separately. It’s a small accessory that costs about $ 2.50 and that puts itself in the atomizer’s place, turning the 510 connection into USB. With this accessory, and through the dedicated menu, you turn the iKonn into a power bank. It can help, but it’s still gadget.

For geeks, it is also possible to display a beautiful logo of your choice when the box is turned on. Finally beautiful is quickly said, the maximum resolution will be 96 × 32 pixels and monochrome format bmp. To install this image, it will go through the box update software, because yes, we can update the box.

To finish on this chipset, it has of course all the possible protections. The atomizer change detection box in standby or off is immediate, without having to go through a menu or restart the box operation lit as some competitors.

The only negative point of this chipset will be its navigation which is just another time. Some manipulations are box off, for others it is necessary to turn it on, it is necessary to press twice on two buttons and sometimes in a certain order, in short, without the manual it is not easy to navigate and we is quickly lost.


If Eleaf had not gurgled with the screen that is really unreadable, why she lost 1/2 star, the iKonn 220 would have been the perfect box of the moment. Compact, lightweight, powerful and very well finished, if you are looking for a dual battery box and you have a small budget, the iKonn 220 is for you. It’s simple, it does not leave me and I even think to buy a second one.

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