SMOANT GAIA 200W Mod Review

In this article, jack will tell about an interesting in appearance appearance box from the Chinese company Smoant called Gaia 200W.

Cases with the production of truly unique box mod to date, many manufacturers are not doing very well. Someone tries to stuff their devices with as many LEDs as possible, someone equips box mod with touch screens, and someone tries to create a unique design. Today it will be just about the last case. Although Smoant is not the leader of the wap industry, it still tries to surprise us with interesting new products. This time this novelty has received the Greek name Smoant Gaia 200W, and we immediately begin its study.

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the Smoant Gaia 200W is, of course, design. Indeed, the company Smoant with all responsibility went to the exterior of its creation. Boxmod fully justifies its Greek name, demonstrating virtually the entire body of a lot of engravings on this subject.

One of the sides of the device contains not very distinguishable letters. We can assume that here again we will see something from ancient Greek mythology, as well as the image of the goddess of the earth on the opposite side.

The Smoant Gaia 200W Box Mod is designed to operate on two 18650 batteries. Up to today’s 20700/21700, Smoant has not yet matured. Apparently. The battery compartment cover is held on six magnets, three of which are installed directly into the box body, and the other three – into the cover. Elements of power, by the way, can be charged right inside the device by means of micro-USB.
The underside of the boxman is endowed with a number of ventilation openings designed to ensure the removal of excess heat and cooling of the internal components of the device. There is also a special recess for more convenient removal of the battery cover.

But in terms of technical characteristics, the Gaia 200W did not receive any significant innovations. Inside the device is a branded board from the company Smoant, capable of giving out up to 200W. There are also many of the soaring modes that we are familiar with.

Specifications Smoant Gaia 200W:
Dimensions: 80mm * 57.8mm * 25mm
Power supply: 2×18650
Material: zinc alloy
Operating modes: VW / TC / TCR
Output power: 1-200W
Temperature limit: 200-600 ℉ / 100-300 ℃
Minimum resistance: 0.1Ω
USB charging

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How About Wismec SINUOUS FJ 200 Kit ?

Today we are talking about a novelty from the company Wismec and the already familiar designer Sinuous – a set of a cliromiser and box mod called Sinuous FJ200 Kit.

As we know, the first fruit of cooperation between the Chinese company Wismec and the designer with the pseudonym Sinuous was the Predator 228. The device turned out to be quite good, although it did not bring any fresh ideas to the wapping industry. However, because of a rather large percentage of marriage and poor quality performance, “Predator” received a flurry of criticism from the users and did not have much popularity. Today we will look at such a continuation of Predator 228 from all the same manufacturer and all the same designer, however, already under a different name and with some other “chips”. Meet the Wismec Sinuous FJ200.

At first glance at the Wismec Sinuous FJ200 Kit, it is immediately clear who made the hand to create the boxman’s design. And I have to say, it is necessary to say, very weakly, since the appearance of the device almost completely repeats Predator 228, except for a couple of minor features. In other words, the company Wismec.

Wismec SINUOUS FJ 200 Kit
How outwardly and constructively to find here a lot of differences will not work. The basic controls of the Sinuous FJ200 look and are in the same places as the Predator. Do not do anything and the Fire button disguised as the sidebar. But what really has changed in our novelty today is the maximum output power (now it is 200 watts) and the batteries. The Sinuous FJ200 has a built-in 4600mAh battery that supports charging up to 2A. Wismec company claims about some innovative and safe charging system, preventing excessive heating of the battery.

The “whale” version of the boxman is completed with a new unattended tank from Wismec called DIVIDER.

DIVIDER also works on new evaporators, which have so far only two types, one of which is designed for a fairly modest soaring, and the second can already generate a decent amount of steam at a power of up to 120 watts.

An interesting feature of DIVIDER is the possibility of changing the volume of the liquid. This is realized thanks to a special spacer, the installation of which the useful capacity is simply superseded.

The tank was already equipped with a branded filling system from Wismec with a retractable top cover. The manufacturer did not forget and equip his device with a tightening ring with a rotating ring from below.

Returning to the boxy Wismec Sinuous FJ200 Kit, I would like to note the correct location of the connector. Atomizers will be wound strictly in the middle of the device and the maximum diameter that will fit here is 28 mm.

As already mentioned above, the Fire button in the Sinuous FJ200 is implemented in a similar way to the “Predator” image and is hidden. To press the button it will be enough just to squeeze the device in your hand. An additional chip can be called a light indication in the form of a separately output LED.

Wismec SINUOUS FJ 200 Kit
Technical specifications Wismec Sinuous FJ200:
Dimensions: 45mm * 29mm * 123.4mm
Weight: 264g
Capacity: 2ml / 4ml
Operating modes: VW / TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / TCR
Output power: 1-200W
Voltage: 0.5 to 9V
Output current: up to 50A
Resistance range: 0.05Ω-1.5Ω (TC) /0.1Ω-3.5Ω (VW)
Temperature range: 100 ° C-315 ° C / 200 ° F-600 ° F
Charge up to 2A
Battery capacity: 4600mAh

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